Fitbit Semi Marathon de Paris 2018 (Sunday, March 4th ) : 26th edition. Ronald Tintinn Super Professeur and Ronning Against Cancer’s UPCOMING event travel and running  to support the fight against cancer, Institut Curie, International Women’s Day (8 March)

Save the date and the place to be “Fitbit Semi Marathon de Paris” on Sunday, March 4th 2018. Supported by Les Aventures de  Ronald Tintin,Super Professeur, mobile application of Super Professeur, and Ronning Against Cancer.


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Semi Marathon de Paris 2018 (Sunday, March 4th ) : 26th edition. Ronald Tintin and the project « Ronning Against Cancer »’s UPCOMING eventtravel and running to support the fight against cancer, Institut Curie and International Women’s Day (8 March).


The Fitbit Semi de Paris is an unmissable race. Two months after your New Year’s resolutions for 2018, this season-opener is your chance to really get back in the swing of things. There’s no way to cheat in the Fitbit Semi de Paris: you’re going to have to push yourself to the limit! Speed, timing, motivation, performance: this race will set the pace for all your athletic challenges in the year to come. Be there or be square on 4th March 2018!


Whether you’re still a bit of a running newbie or a total tarmac addict, the Semi-Marathon is just the right length. That’s why over 40,000 people register every year to pound the streets of the world’s fashion capital… in neon trainers.

Nobody knows better than us that you need to be prepared for a half-marathon. To make sure you’re ready on the big day, the organisers will be holding training sessions: vVO2max tests, hill training, GPP, long runs… There’s something for everyone, and that means no excuses!

21.1km is a distance that shows real athletic ambition, which will be illustrated by the photo of you at the finish line, looking totally worn-out. You’ll still post it on the social networks, of course: it must be the only time that sweat will earn you likes!


If you live in Paris, then the Fitbit Semi de Paris is your chance to take back your city and show everyone what you’re made of once you get into your stride! Historically, you’ll be taking the east side. The race will start on the Esplanade du Château de Vincennes (no less!), but you’ll soon hit good old tarmac in the streets of the 12th arrondissement. Represent your neighbourhood! Are you really going to let yourself be overtaken by Little Miss Place de Clichy or that guy from Montparnasse?

Place de la Nation, Place de la Bastille: so long as your legs don’t fail you, you will cross the capital’s most iconic squares before reaching Châtelet. No time to stop at Les Halles for a panini – it will already be time to head back to Parc Floral to receive your finisher’s medal.

If you’re from elsewhere, challenge the Parisians and show them that you have bags of energy. You won’t be alone: over 4,000 foreigners intend to defend their countries’ honour whilst enjoying the party atmosphere guaranteed by musical entertainment along the entire route.

A handful of elite runners from Kenya and Ethiopia will also be there to try and break their records. Wherever you’re from, nothing’s stopping you from trying to outrun them. The Fitbit Semi de Paris is run on relatively flat terrain, which means that anyone can take part. Here’s looking at you!

Get your trainers on!

The organising team of the Fitbit Semi de Paris

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